My name is Katelyn Wang, and I’m a 19-year-old photographer from Los Angeles, California!

My photography aims to showcase the way I see the world, with a focus on the beauty that is present all around us. In direct confrontation and absorption of human life, I find beauty and a drive to consistently look deeper and more precisely. In the indirect observation of human beings, I find beauty in process, routine, behavior, lived life. In landscapes, roadways, cut-outs of the larger spheres and sectors of terrestrial existence, I find a reason for spiritual hope in the beautifully imperfect and endlessly various world in which we dwell and observe. Together, these works showcase my different definitions of beauty, collected like postcards from various parts of the world and various moments of my life. In this way, I participate in the formation and sequence of the images, lending not just artistic perspective, but personal situated-ness and honesty. 

Here, there is room for all of us. This is my adventure. Seven billion more are waiting. Find yours. 


Awards and recognition

Photo Boite “30 Under 30” Women Photographers: 2019 (JAN 2019)

International Photography Awards- Honorable Mention “Peking Opera” Series (OCT 2018)

International Photography Awards - Honorable Mention “Melukat” Single Image (OCT 2018)

2017 Sony World Youth Photographer of the Year (APR 2017)

2017 Sony World Youth Photography Awards, Youth, Beauty, Shortlist (FEB 2017) 

Somerset House, London, UK Exhibit (APR-MAY 2017)

National Geographic YourShot Daily Dozen (MAR 23, 2017)

2017 Photo Workshop New York, Spazio Labo' Scholarship Recipient

Reggia di Monza, Milan, Italy Exhibit (SEP-OCT 2017)

Photography on a Postcard, Hepatitis C Trust Fundraiser, the printspace London, UK Exhibit (OCT 2017)

Willy Brandt Haus, Berlin, Germany Exhibit (NOV 2017-JAN 2018)

Maison de la Photographie, Lille, France Exhibit (MAY-JUN 2019)

Galerie Claude Samuel, Paris, France Exhibit (coming NOV 2019)

As seen on

Momenta Workshops, “Five Questions with Katelyn Wang”

Pasadena Weekly Magazine 2017 Summer Guide Cover

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National Geographic Chile 

Awasi, Relais & Chateâx hotel in South America (@awasiexperience

Hit the Road in Iceland, travel agency (@hit_the_road_iceland)

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